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The Next Cartel and Triwa highlight solar powered watch and the sun in new NFT drop
Launching four full outfits and one watch inspired by civilisations, serving as a translation of what the sun represented for humanity in the past, on Flow Blockchain, the most eco-friendly currency.
7 Mar 2022

The other week, Swedish watchmaker Triwa launched Time for Solar, its first collection of solar-driven watches, merging traditional watch-making and innovation. The Japanese solar power technology in the collection uses natural or artificial light as operating power. The dial of the watch channels the light to the solar cell underneath the dial which collects and converts it into electricity. This electricity activates the motor of the watch so that excess energy charges the integrated battery. Having been fully charged, the watch can run in the dark for several months.

Time for Solar.

Today, the brand joins forces with multimedia agency and digital fashion specialists The Next Cartel for the launch of Celebration of the Sun, an NFT collection serving as an ode to the sun and its significance for a few of the main civilisations of ancient times. Each piece, the brands describe, embodies a time in history, beliefs, and symbolism, serve as a translation of what the sun represented for humanity in the past, and is an affirmation of its importance in our lives in the present.

One of four outfits.

It consists of four full outfits inspired by civilisations such as Greek, Romans, Mesopotamians, Incas and Egyptians, sunglasses in two different colours, and a solar-powered watch that is The Next Cartel’s reinterpretation of one of the pieces in the mentioned Time for Solar line. The NFTs will be available on Flow Blockchain, the most eco-friendly currency via proof of consumption that consumes thousands of times less energy than proof-of-work blockchains like Ethereum.

— The clockwork of the watch is inspired by an ancient solar technique to tell the time, where a shadow is formed by a blade in the middle of the clockwork, showing the time based on the position of the sun, says Cornel Doornebosch, digital fashion designer at The Next Cartel.

The Next Cartel’s reinterpretation of Time for Solar as an NFT

The collection is presented in a digital pop-up store, offering the users a fully immersive virtual experience.

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