Innovations for better Living — our list with 25 groundbreaking brains and entrepreneurs
We highlight the groundbreaking brains and entrepreneurs proving that the Nordic region is leading by example on how to tackle the world’s major challenges through innovation.
20 Dec 2021

1. Here’s the first furniture brand to publish their climate footprint

2. Unique Bio2 textile can make a change in our polluted world

3. Patented technology can turn the eyewear industry circular

4. Filtration technology saves you from hidden pollution at home

5. This Swedish collective launches line with skincare for objects

6. Powder to liquid wash can change personal care as we know it

7. This household product line cleans with all-natural sugar surfactants

8. Spinnova’s textile fibre might be the world’s most groundbreaking

9. Here’s how AI can be used to create your ultimate personal scent

10. Design brand Verk takes local production one — big — step further

11. CAKE is here to challenge the status quo for motorbikes

12. This solar cell can be powered by ordinary indoor light

13. Revolutionary reusable sanitary protection is about to hit the market

14. A green version of the super-material graphene transforms the industry

15. Groundbreaking recyling app teams up with the world’s leading brands

16. This Finnish eco-design brand’s toilet is made of wood

17. Cleantech scaleup aims to liberate the world from harmful energy

18. Post-consumer textiles and wood cellulose become new sustainable fibre

19. How charging members a small monthly fee challenges the linear retail industry

20. Private, well-designed zero distraction units can create better workplaces

21. This tool manages stress and lowers brain frequency through binaural sounds

22. Unique technology enables resizing in garments with a single push of a button

23. New solar cell technology converts any form of light into electrical power

24. Sleek face mask permanently protects the outside skin fabric from bacteria

25. How electric vehicles can act as power sources when plugged into the grid