Innovations For Better Living
New solar cell technology converts any form of light into electrical power
Swedish industrial company Exeger has teamed up with lifestyle brands POC, Urbanista, and adidas Headphones to bring endless energy to their products.
7 Oct 2021

Exeger’s unique and patented solar cell material Powerfoyle is resilient, flexible, and seamless and can be integrated into all products that benefit from being self-powered. It’s giving us smarter products and revolutionising the perception of available energy. 

This spring, Swedish headphone company Urbanista launched the new Los Angeles model. It’s the world’s first self-charging headphone, powered by Powerfoyle, and converts all forms of light, outdoor and indoor, into clean, endless energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime. Just an hour spent outside on a sunny day generates three hours of playtime. If it’s a cloudy day, you still get two hours of playtime for every hour spent outside. The headphones even charge in ambient light — wearing them indoors in a well-lit room or office will keep the headphones charging. Urbanista Los Angeles will be available this fall. During the summer, Exeger and adidas Headphones announced their partnership to produce sustainably conscious Sport headphones.

Exeger has also teamed up with sports helmets and apparel company POC for the launch of Omne Eternal — the world’s first self-powered cycling helmet with endless energy. To enhance a rider’s safety on the road, it features an automatic and self-powered light, which also uses Powerfoyle and never needs charging with a cable or activation from an on or off switch. 

How does the helmet contribute to better living? 

— It’s been created to enhance safety without ever needing a second thought. Always charged, always ready, and automatic. And as it will charge in any light, the enhanced safety will encourage more people to ride, which will benefit the riders’ health and their environment, says Damian Phillips, POC’s head of communication.

This is #23 on our list with 25 Innovations for better living from Scandinavian MIND Issue 2

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