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Tapster teams up with Sibirien Stockholm to add craftsmanship to their wearables
Hand-made locally in Stockholm of salmon leather and its beautiful structure.
13 Dec 2021

Tobias Ericsson and Ludvig Scheja are the co-founders of watch brand TRIWA and have now also founded wearable startup Tapster.

— Tapster was invented under TRIWA as a solution to make payments with watch straps without the need for batteries or internet connection. When we understood the potential we decided to separate it from TRIWA, in order to make a broader portfolio of products. Tapster is a passive wearable solution, a replacement of the wallet, which in short means you can make payments with any accessories instead of a plastic card. No batteries or connection needed, the duo says.

Tapster’s wearables

A few weeks ago, Tapster became the world’s first payment ring certified with both VISA and Mastercard. The brand has now launched Tapster Labs, presenting collaborations with other brands.

— We do it to demonstrate all the different form factors you can use for payments with our solution. To start off, we made a small collab with accessories brand Sibirien Stockholm, hand-made here in Stockholm out of salmon leather, which has a beautiful structure. I really like the idea of paying with such a unique locally made accessory, says Ludvig Scheja.

How will we see your kind of wearables develop onwards and in the future?

— We are looking for all kinds of form factors. What is really interesting to see is the diversity in need between the customer. It all comes down to easiness of use and personal style. What I find most interesting right now, is creating the best possible design for children. I have 3 daughters and they constantly lose their payment cards. Contrary to me, they don’t have a relationship to wallets, so for them, it needs to be something much more convenient than a plastic card, says Scheja.

What’s next for you?

— Except for the kids solution, a lot of new exciting fashion accessory collaborations. We will soon come with other services, such as access, commuting, and a gym card. In Stockholm, it actually already works with [the city’s public transport company] SL committing. Just tap it! he concludes.