Rave Review launches ”Cryptopanties” — the hyped label’s first NFT line
”It’s a fact that the biggest part of the crypto world is male-dominated,” says co-founder Josephine Bergqvist, now aiming to make crypto-collectables accessible to a wider audience.
8 Mar 2022

Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück went to the same class at Beckmans College of Design. A year after graduation, they launched Rave Review in 2018, transforming home textiles into desirable clothes. 

— We were the first brand to combine upcycling and high-end fashion, Bergqvist says, and we would describe it as eclectic, punky, and fun. Since we need to work a bit with what we get when collecting and sourcing materials, mixing and matching different kinds of print together is a significant part of our design process and DNA as a brand.

Rave Review.

This week, you launch the pre-sale tokens for your first NFT project. What have you created? And why is it important for you to launch an NFT?

— Yes, this is our first step into digital fashion and the first step towards the metaverse — perhaps also for the customer — aiming to make NFTs and crypto accessible to a wider audience. The ”Cryptopanties” collection is a unique blend of art and digital fashion, based on handmade panties and fabrics by Rave Review, to be released on the Solana blockchain network. These Cyptopanties will be an identity marker and one-off collectable item, getting the cultural mark of our brand, creating a valuable network to be part of, reuniting the community under common values and cultural preferences. In addition to being a progressive art piece, the panties will provide their holders with access to a supportive community vast in gender, interests, and expressions, Bergqvist explains, continuing,

— It’s a fact that the biggest part of the crypto world is male-dominated. We can understand why this is, since it’s not very appealing yet, either for women or, generally, people outside of the crypto bubble. If the metaverse is going to be as big and powerful in the future, as people presume, it’s super important to bring in values of diversity and gender equality at an early stage.

Will you make more NFTs?

— Yes, it will be given unique benefit for other of our coming drops. We collaborate with other high fashion brands, digital fashion houses, and influencers. The concept for upcoming Rave Review NFT drops will be experimenting with remakes and recycling in the digital space, says Bergqvist. She adds:

— It’s going to happen a lot for the brand during 2022. We are at a stage when the brand is growing and look forward to expanding our team and also focusing a lot on international PR. At the moment, we’re in Paris and we will be more present at the Parisian fashion scene. Hopefully, also have a show here.