Jade Cropper on creating a praised fashion brand of waste fabrics and recycled materials
”I think my design and sustainable business model is presenting a great direction for future of responsible nordic design,” the designer states after her celebrated debut show in Copenhagen.
24 Feb 2022

The Stockholm-based designer launched her eponymous fashion label in 2020, right after graduating from Beckman’s College of Design.

— My grandmother is a big inspiration to me — she is with me in everything I do. I want those who wear Jade Cropper to feel comfortable in themselves, strong, and independent, just as she was. I’m quite an introverted person, but the clothes that I make express another version of myself, inspired by the way that my grandmother chose to live her life. She was an extraordinary individual that lived her life exactly how she wanted. She dared to be that ’extra’. I want to enhance and explore what fashion can make you feel in terms of identity, Cropper says, continuing,

— My design process often starts with waste fabrics and recycled materials. Since these pieces of fabric that I receive are not always in the same size and come in a limited amount, I experiment with different cuts and shapes. My garments are handmade by me in my studio, resulting in exclusive creations, and most of them also allow for changes in appearance and function using simple means like draping and jewellery.

Last December, Copenhagen Fashion Week announced Cropper as their choice for this season’s Talent Spot, securing a show at the official schedule.

Why do you think that you were selected? And what did you show?

— I think my design and sustainable business model is presenting a great direction for the future of responsible Nordic design. Showing there felt like the next step to take for me and my brand. I have been working so hard to get to where I am and being rewarded like this was, and is, a great opportunity to connect with new people and communicate my brand.

— This time, I wanted to explore a more sophisticated side but keep a bold feeling of empowerment and sexiness. I guess you could say that it is an expansion of the alter ego that my design is based around, and it explores fashion in relation to identity even further. In terms of design and production, I continue to use waste fabric — this time made from wool, denim, and leather, in addition to the recycled mesh. As mentioned, everything is handmade by me in my studio, and this collection is no exception. To work around the clock for so many weeks and then finally show my collection was a mix of happiness, relief, excitement and gratitude.

Jade Cropper.

And now, what? To take the next step after a strong debut in Copenhagen, Cropper has worked and work closely with the Swedish Fashion Council’s incubator program Swedish Fashion Talents to develop the business.

— Together, we have worked on a direct-to-consumer model where I release everything in micro-drops and all the pieces are made in a predetermined number. It’s really in line with my vision to steer away from fast fashion and it has also given me personal relationships with my customers. I have spent a lot of hours in the studio to make it all happen and it’s been an amazing year. Of course, in terms of production, sourcing can be challenging since I’m exclusively working with waste and recycled materials. The supply is limited and requires a different structure than that of traditional supply chains, but I have been able to build a strong and good relationship with my suppliers. Now I look forward to possible collaborations to be able to scale up and develop my production, without compromising on quality or sustainability, she concludes.