Innovations For Better Living
This tool manages stress and lowers brain frequency through binaural sounds
The roots of the instrument are in a methodology that inventor and entrepreneur Allan Montan came across when working on a project treating children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and those on the autism spectrum.
7 Oct 2021

OMIT is inventor and entrepreneur Allan Montan’s new brand, and it is at the intersection of luxury, wellness, and experience, designing and manufacturing analogue tools for inner peace. 

— Our first product is the OMIT instrument, a completely new tool for managing stress, he states. It does this by means of binaural sounds, an auditory illusion resulting from the interaction between two fundamental tones. Listening to them lowers brain frequency, producing a state of meditative relaxation. The technology, though already well known, has been significantly developed and given physical form over the past three years by an inter-disciplinary team of neurologists, stress researchers, artists, and instrument builders. 

The roots of the instrument are in a methodology Montan came across many years ago when working on a project treating children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and those on the autism spectrum. 

— It uses specially equipped rooms for controlling sensory stimulation, aimed at providing therapeutic relaxation to its users. I marvelled at the profound impact the treatment had not only on the children that were the subjects of the study but also on the individuals running it. This led me to the idea of offering tools for recovery and calm to healthy adults, subject to the ever-increasing stresses of life and work. 

What’s next for you? 

— We are still in the very early stages of introducing the instrument and our brand around the world, both the products themselves as well as experiences that include them, which we are developing together with partners in hospitality and wellness. As you might expect, this is a deliberate, methodical process, since we value sustainable habits over stress and consumption.

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