Innovations For Better Living
Private, well-designed zero distraction units can create better workplaces
Based in Finland — known for being the happiest nation in the world — startup Auma Space should know what it takes to re-invent the way we work when we return to offices again.
29 Sep 2021

A simple 10-minute pause in the middle of a busy day leads to stress reduction, increased engagement, and a boost in productivity. In short, happier and better functioning people, according to Kasimir Kaitue, co-founder of Auma Space. Last spring, they shipped their first units of the first product, Space1 — a visually pleasing and private zero distraction zone, designed for workplaces. The products are designed and manufactured locally and sustainably by carpenters, blacksmiths, and engineers. 

— We created it for organisations that understand the significance of balancing effectiveness with human wellbeing. We have fused millennia-old meditation and breathwork techniques with state-of-the-art technology and modern design to help people supercharge themselves through active mental recovery during the workday. 

The impact of coronavirus counter-measures has accelerated the struggle with mental health issues, isolation, and work-life balance. Everyone would benefit from a power pause and, according to Kaitue, Auma Space gives you a less philosophical and more practical approach to give you that extra space your mind needs. 

— Since the outbreak of the pandemic, he says, 75 % of people say they feel more socially isolated, 67 % of people report higher stress, 57 % are feeling greater anxiety, and 53 % say they feel more emotionally exhausted. We believe it is time to re-invent the way we work and live when we return to offices again. Well-being should be part of every organisation’s DNA and aimed for social good. Workspaces and office culture should prevent fatigue and focus on brain ergonomics and through that, there would be positive gains in personal performances. Simply put, work-life should care for you.

This is #20 on our list with 25 Innovations for better living from Scandinavian MIND Issue 2

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