Emotional Landscape: ”The glass has been built in several layers, which gives it more depth”
The Stockholm-based design collective joins forces with Finnish glass master Eino Mäkelä for the launch of WAVE.
5 Oct 2021

Founded by Alice Shulman, Elinor Nystedt, and Margareta Wingårdh, Emotional Landscape works with glass objects in an intuitive way, coupling objects and feelings, and locally produced at Axelsbergs Glashytta outside of Stockholm.

— We’re a fusion of objects and emotion, a creative collaboration and platform for exploration, the trio tells. The philosophy is to capture the constant circle of things that surround and affect us, like memories and meaning, and give it material form. It’s a lust-driven creative platform where we explore freely without limits.

Their new drop, WAVE, consists of nine unique, handmade glass objects or vases, created together with iconic glass master Eino Mäkelä.

— We play emotional games with deepening of what is bright and clear, with a sense of purifying and healing transitions to the playful, dark, and heavy. Made locally at Axelsbergs Glashytta, with a clear vision of colour shifts and shapes, it’s a very intense and emotional experience physically and mentally, and took a team of four people to create each object, says Schulman, Nystedt, and Wingårdh. They add:

— For this line, the glass has been built in several layers, which gives it more depth and a more complex, organic character. The result is a fuller and more swollen glass with boundless shapes. The colour scale varies from different shades of the sea, from clarity, deep blue to darker green and black.

The objects are available to watch live at Emotional Landscape’s office at Södermalm in Stockholm and sold upon request.

— But, that might change within a near future. For now, we still have a few objects left available for purchase, the trio concludes.