Will bio-cellulose sheet masks become the next major skincare hit?
Innovation driven by nature and one important step to remove microplastics from the beauty industry.
24 Sep 2020

Amplified in the Covid context, we see rising research of meaningful consumption through well-made products with a real function. That’s why Stanislas Le Bert, Deputy General Manager of Sales & Marketing at L:a Bruket, strongly believes that the Swedish skincare brand stands for the next beauty nugget.

— Our founders, Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén, have been nourishing the brand with a few fundamental values: simplicity, humility, inclusivity, and naturality, he explains. Interpreting the Swedish spa culture within a modern twist, capitalizing on nature, and working with and not against it. Simple and non-gender beauty routines. Extended beauty, not only for your body, but also your face, your hair, your hands as well as your home, for a full sensorial journey. We offer pragmatic solutions for long term efficiency, not a temporary fix.

All products are manufactured in Sweden, with all formula soon being Cosmos-certified, which also includes the new sheet masks, launching now.

— Natural, biodegradable, and highly concentrated (soaked in 24ml serum), our bio-cellulose sheet masks are advanced, in terms of technology, and the embodiment of our philosophy: innovation driven by nature. Acting like a true second skin, it’s a real in-depth treatment for the skin, perfectly transferring the natural and highly concentrated serum into the skin.

The drop includes two different sheet masks — one highly hydrating and one to boost collagen production and skin’s elasticity.

How sustainable are they?

— The sheet is 100% biodegradable, made from the fermentation of coconut juice. After using it on your face, you can throw it into your compost. The serum — soaked in the sheet — is also all natural, says Le Bert.

How common are biodegradable sheet masks in the industry as of today? And how do you produce them to become biodegradable?

— There are a lot of sheet masks available on the market. And a lot include microplastics particles. Bio-cellulose sheet masks are biodegradable because they are made from the fermentation of coconut juice. They are quite present in the market but do not represent the majority. Advanced bio-cellulose sheet masks are even rarer. The difference is simple: after the cutting of bio-cellulose fibers into sheet masks, the sheet is dried, and then soaked with the serum. So no unnecessary preservatives or chemicals are needed in the serum’s formula, only the power of natural active ingredients. When you use original bio-cellulose sheet masks, after the cutting of bio-cellulose fibers into sheet masks, the serum is directly added on masks, still wet of coconut juice. This standard process presents a risk of bacteria and fungus development and requires preservatives that can irritate the skin. The active ingredients are also more diluted, and then less effective, than when the sheet is dried beforehand.

L:a Bruket just opened their own boutiques in Paris and Berlin, which Le Bert also describes as potential playgrounds to release limited editions and exclusives.

— Like for Christmas, with a super-limited edition paying tribute to Monica’s initial art: ceramics. There will also be in-store services, including beauty workshops, to let you, and a friend or two, find your adapted beauty body and face routines while enjoying a fika, he says.