SOS for your skin
Finnish skincare brand Lumene jumps on the mask trend — and their contribution is perfect for beginners.
11 Sep 2020

Masks are currently one of the biggest beauty trends and the mask industry is expected to grow faster than the global beauty industry through 2025. Instead of being a niche product for advanced users as they used to, nowadays masks are easily added even to the most simple skincare routine, tells Tiina Isohanni, VP R&D and sustainability at Lumene.

— Many people feel to have dry or dehydrated skin. Moisturizing masks are easy and effective step in the skincare routine when looking for intense hydration.

Earlier this year, the Finnish brand introduced their Herkkä Soothing SOS Mask to the market, as part of their cleansing range.

— The whole Herkkä range is fragrance-free, vegan and designed for sensitive skin, says Isohanni. This mask is creamy and soothing. We’ve infused it with Nordic bilberry fibers, bilberry water and seed oil plus Arctic spring water, which helps to rescue sensitive skin from dryness-induced redness. The product soothes and hydrates and helps to fortify the skin’s natural barrier for 24 hours, leaving the skin feeling nurtured. The skin is left feeling calm, balanced and hydrated.

After trying the mask, it’s fair to say that it feels like it fits really well even if you are a little new to masks. Do you agree?

— Yes, I do. This mask is perfect for anyone with sensitive or dry skin. The texture is soft and creamy, which makes it easy to apply and use also for consumer who are not that familiar with masks. You can try the mask after a hot summer day in the sun. Your skin will feel pampered and without any sign of tightness, says Isohanni. She adds:

— It can be used in two different ways. If you just leave it on your face, the intense hydration and moisturizing is the main benefit. If you massage the product on the skin, those soft blueberry fibers give some gentle exfoliating on top of hydration. At first, you can let the mask stay on your face for a while and before removing it, you can do a couple of minutes of face massage. I suggest trying both ways.