Made to be thrown away — Vollebak’s latest hoodie is fully compostable
Specifically made to end up in your compost bin.
8 Sep 2020

The people over at Vollebak are consistently launching garments that could belong in sci-fi movies. The brand releases one clothing concept every month and has earlier presented a hoodie designed for Mars expeditions, as well as jackets made out of the Nobel prize-winning material graphene (that is one atom thick and visibly transparent).

For their latest drop, they’ve turned to a more down to earth approach though. The ”Plant and Pomegranate Hoodie” is quite self-explanatory in its name — a 100% plant-based hoodie made out of eucalyptus trees that have been submerged in pomegranate dye to give it color.

Vollebak says it looks, feels, and lasts like a normal hoodie. The main difference from other hoodies is how it starts and ends its life. When the hoodie has reached its best-before-date you can put it back where it belongs; the soil. It is fully biodegradable and compostable, so burying it in your garden or chucking it in the compost bin is the fully natural thing to do.

The hoodie is set to launch sometime this month, and interested buyers have to join a waiting list to get a hold it. Be quick, the sought after pieces can sell out fast.