Veermakers merges mid-century modern influences with a contemporary style
Scandinavian furniture at its very best.
5 May 2021

Louise Liljencrantz and Kristin Rudenstam have worked together for the last five years with interior design studio Liljencrantz. Together with fine carpentry KFK Snickeri, they’ve created two separate furniture collections — Liljencrantz K.F.K. Master Cabinet Makers in 2017 and, this spring, Veermakers.

— The Liljencrantz K.F.K. Master Cabinet Makers line consists of limited-edition pieces only sold through galleries, such as the Invisible Collection and Studio TwentySeven. With Veermakers, we want it to be more accessible for a larger audience with a bigger diversity of products and objects, tells Louise Liljencrantz.

The ambition, she continues, is to reach customers interested in quality furniture, making long-term and sustainable choices.

— Our first collection features designs in materials such as wood, stone, and steel. Among the highlights are three different stools in walnut and oak, the Cloud coffee table in walnut or oak, and the Eight table in steel burned in linseed oil. The collection also includes lighting and accessories such as a mirror. All pieces put an emphasis on craft and each product is coloured by the natural material it is made of, making each item unique in its character. They’re all made in Sweden and Finland, except for the stonework that’s made in Italy.

Which one is your own favourite piece?

— I just love the Resize Mirror, it has a classic design but with its oversize dimension — brutal, yet elegant, says Liljencrantz.

— I would say it’s the Hug Table, says Rudenstam. I’m obsessed with the combination of natural materials. The genetic defect in the Birch Burl wood together with the sharp and heavy lines of the steel legs creates a contradiction that I find so interesting.

Veermaker’s spectacular brand film