Mylhta’s new line is a tribute to nature, wood, and Swedish craftsmanship
Designer Lisa Hilland on how using wood in furniture design has a positive effect on us humans.
31 Mar 2021

Working with clients like Orrefors, Gemla, IKEA, Design House Stockholm, and Svenskt Tenn, as well as her own brand, Hilland spends time in nature with her family when not designing.

— I have done so since childhood. Here, I find peace and inspiration observing forms in everything that grows, thrives, and lives.

Mylhta’s new line Spira, which consists of a chair, lounge chair, sofa bed, and screen, is a tribute to nature, wood, Swedish craftsmanship, and wood production.

— The line includes a further development of a classic Windsor chair, with a contemporary design, highlighting the beauty of turned wood. Turning is one of the oldest techniques available for refining wood and can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians 14th century BC. The line is made by skilled craftsmen at Wigells 1868, Sweden’s oldest Windsor chair factory. It is made out of FSC certified wood with exquisite quality down to the smallest detail, tells Hilland.

I have to ask, what’s so special about wood?

— I spent all my childhood spare-time in Jämtland in northern Sweden. My parents built a cabin with timber from our own forest with a helping hand from my grandfather. He also taught me to replant spruces in the forest. So, I learned early to give back what you take from nature and this still affects my work today. Wood is not only beautiful, the material has many benefits; it is a renewable material source and a growing forest absorbs carbon dioxide which is good for the environment. There are also studies that show that wood in architecture, interior design, and furniture has a positive effect on us humans by reducing stress. That seems natural considering that we humans have lived near the forest for thousands of years. It is only the last four generations who lived in cities in the way we do today. ”Back to nature” is good for both the environment and our general well-being!

Hilland also has a bunch of special projects coming up.

— Right now I am working on new items for Mylhta collaborating with Kadi Harjak, the owner and creative director at retailer NK Inredning. Parallel to this, I am sketching on a new inspiring project for IKEA with a focus on sustainability and preparing a workshop for creative start-up businesses for incubator Expression Umeå. I really enjoy sharing my design experience and to learn from others at the same time.