Per Söderberg explores the beauty of Calacatta marble in new Bespoke line
9 Feb 2021

Last year, the renowned Swedish designer, who opened his design and architecture studio in Stockholm in 1997, celebrated the 10th anniversary with his own furniture brand No Early Birds. He describes it as a mix of Scandinavian functionality and Italian esthetics.

— To celebrate, I created a new collection of furniture with a different expression, he tells. The Anniversary collection is a play with form and volume and uses only but a few high quality materials, including Italian marble, massive American walnut, Tärnsjö leather, and stainless steel. The collection includes a chair, a large dining table with a glass top and a multifunctional Cube, that can be used as a coffee table, dining table, or console depending on which side you place it.

To follow up, he just launched a Bespoke line that includes the products from the Anniversary collection as well as a new range of coffee and side tables.

— I created it since I wanted to do furniture that only uses the best materials possible. The cost of materials and labour to produce it are too high for retail, so it’s exclusively sold at our Atelier in Stockholm and our own webshop.

The best materials possible, you mentioned. Tell us more!

— Because the furniture is produced in a more limited edition at our workshop in Stockholm, it also allows us to find unique materials and create furniture based on a specific material. Usually, I design a piece of furniture and then choose a suitable material. In this case, the process has been reversed. I found an incredibly beautiful Calacatta slab and drew every piece of furniture from that slab. Calacatta is the world’s most sought after stone, which makes it incredibly exclusive. What’s typical for Calacatta is that it has a very distinct dark grain against a white background. The whiter the background, the more exclusive the marble. Each marble slab is unique and each part of the slab has its own character, says Söderberg, adding,

— A fun fact is that some of the most famous statues are made of Calacatta marble since it was the favorite material of many Renaissance artists.