How to disrupt the insurance industry through a vintage design pop-up
Operating in a business that hasn’t really changed over the last 100 years, Swedish startup Hedvig is here to shake things up.
12 Apr 2021

With a background as an art director at leading creative agencies, Petter Swanberg joined Hedvig as creative lead a little over a year ago. It was mostly out of curiosity, he tells, before further explaining how the startup is challenging the current business models of the insurance industry.

— By providing a digital, customer centric approach to the insurance experience. Simply put, we’re selling the feeling of knowing that your problems are going to be taken care of, if anything were to happen.

— One thing I find really important being who and where we are, is to look beyond the industry we’re operating in. We can revolutionize insurance to the moon, but in order to become something else, we need to break out of the category. I’m excited to see what kind of company we’ll be perceived as in a couple of years. 

Another way to change how they, and the industry they’re operating in, are perceived is through the special pop-up Hedvig Goods, opening in central Stockholm today and in central Oslo next week.

— It’s a pop-up with 100 unique designer objects for your home, curated by interior stylist Linnéa Salmén in Stockholm and the agency 8392 together with curators Pauline Krokeide, Maja Hattvang, and Julie Ilona Balas in Oslo. When you sign up for an insurance in the store, you get to choose an object. Since home insurance is viewed upon as something mandatory and boring, we want to bring it closer to people’s homes and the world of home interior, and Hedvig Goods is a step in that direction. Right now, we’re doing one store in Stockholm and one in Oslo, but if it’s successful it might be a reoccurring event in new cities and markets, says Swanberg.

Hedvig Goods in Stockholm opens today on Grev Turegatan 1

Hedvig just received their EU insurance carrier license from Sweden’s financial supervisory authority. 

— We’re now ready for our European expansion and the freedom required to take our product innovation to the next level in order to exceed people’s expectations on what an insurance company can be. So now the real journey begins! Swanberg concludes.