Claesson Koivisto Rune highlights more than 100 Japanese design objects in special exhibition
”For most of them, it is the very first time that they’re shown outside Japan,” tells Ola Rune.
25 Aug 2021

The Stockholm-based architecture and design practice works with clients from all over the world. Ever since they started studying architecture at university, the trio has been very inspired by the Japanese culture. Over the years, they’ve also worked with many clients and projects in Japan. A new exhibition, followed by an auction, at Bukowskis this week shows more than 100 of these collaborations.

— For most of them, it is the very first time that they’re shown outside Japan, tells Ola Rune. There are many projects that are important to us, in particular, Sfera Chair by Sfera, Wafer Chair by Meetee, and Hand Collection for Tokyo Craft Room. We have also made a unique set of prints called Aimai.

From your Scandinavian perspective, how is it to work with Japanese producers and collaborators?  

— The main difference is the Japanese dedication to perform whatever idea we present without compromises. 

How is the Scandinavian design aesthetics similar to the Japanese? And what’s different?

— The similarities are a wish to make products that are less in expression than normal. In Scandinavia, this comes through the making of using less expensive materials and techniques and in Japan the items are more refined in execution and techniques. 

What can the Scandinavian design industry learn from our Japanese colleagues?

— That we all shall be more focused on performing and give objects and projects time to develop and mature, Rune concludes.

Today, Claesson Koivisto Rune receives The Prins Eugene Medal by His Majesty the King. In October, they’ll open a major exhibition at Konstakademien in Stockholm showing their architecture. The exhibition at Bukowskis is open until Saturday, August 28, and the online auction, open now, ends on Sunday.