Innovations For Better Living
This Finnish eco-design brand’s toilet is made of wood
Woodio’s founder and CEO Petro Lahtinen tells us more on their most challenging development project so far.
29 Sep 2021

All Woodio’s products are made of a 100 % waterproof wood material and the wood chips and a special transparent resin gives the material a unique natural character and properties, shares Petro Lahtinen.

— It looks a little bit like wood flakes suspended inside glass, he says. The first application is as a replacement of porcelain in bathroom furniture, creating a bathroom product portfolio that represents Scandinavian design and has raised interest worldwide. We’re the first to bring wood to the bathroom, which itself is disruptive and helps to mitigate the environmental burden related to ceramic manufacturing. 

Last spring, Woodio launched a toilet called Block — their most challenging development project so far. 

— Although a toilet is a common product and found practically in every building, it is surprisingly complicated. Even for established manufacturers, good usability and water-saving are difficult to combine. We’ve had to solve these universal challenges and come up with completely new production methods, while still putting a lot of focus on the design. But after this three-year-long project, the finished product has gained an enormous amount of compliments. That’s the best reward, says Lahtinen.

How does Woodio contribute to better living? 

— By creating inspiring and natural environments to live in. The traditional bathroom materials are quite cold and colourless, while we bring wood, colour, and a natural feeling to the bathroom, which I believe is good for people.

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