Innovations For Better Living
This household product line cleans with all-natural sugar surfactants
Five Oceans’ debut range also includes caring properties provided by their own patented beta-glucan from locally grown oats.
15 Sep 2021

The brain behind the new concept, launched this spring, is Torsten Hedbom, who has over 40 years of experience, including green innovations within chemical engineering for household products. It has come to life thanks to Svenska Krämfabriken, a market-leading manufacturer in beauty and wellness. Business manager Sara Wictorsson states how Five Oceans is not just another product line or brand. 

— It’s a new green technology, developed to produce garment care and cleaning products with the same high performance as market leaders, but with significantly lower environmental impact on our oceans, waterways, and aquatic ecosystem. The cleaning power comes from all-natural sugar surfactants. The caring properties are provided by Oatium XR, our own patented beta-glucan from locally grown oats. The result is a high-performance product line for the home, she says. 

The first eight products, ranging from a kitchen cleaner and bathroom cleaner, to hand wash, dish wash, and clothing freshener, are 100 % vegan and come in recyclable bottles that are made from 100 % recycled plastics. The main ingredients are natural and sustainable, which means that the products need between 90–97 % less water to be neutralised in our aquatic ecosystem. 

How do you contribute to better living? 

— By drastically improving the water footprint from our daily lives, while providing efficient products within homecare. Five Oceans is up to 30 times more ocean-friendly than similar products with the same efficiency, Wictorsson concludes.

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