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This Swedish collective launches line with skincare for objects
The pandemic has seen a worldwide boom in how we decorate our homes. But once we’ve bought our new interior products, how to take care of them? A Swedish collective believes that they have the answer, launching the label Act of Caring.
9 Sep 2021

How to make things that last?

That’s the critical question every consumer brand needs to answer and the same issue that experienced retail experts Linda Bradley, Camilla Strange, and Ola Gejde asked themselves. Their answer became Act of Caring.

— Mass consumption has hopefully reached its peak — now it’s time to put our attention to the things we already have, the trio says.

The range, launched this year, consists of plant-based care and cleaning products for your home, workspace, objects, and materials to make them last. Act of Caring calls it ”skincare for objects”. Protecting Marble Wax (which can also be used on your body — skincare for objects!), Nourishing Wood Oil, Purifying Screen Cleanser, and the other products are, as the name suggests, very specific to a material type. The ingredients are locally sourced, the scents come from the finest natural essential oils, and are blended and manufactured in Sweden, in a production site that runs on green electricity. Using no external packaging, the bottles are made from 100 % recycled pet bottles.

— Caring and cleaning is often something people find cumbersome and even boring. By creating products with a great scent and formulas from a skincare philosophy, we can hopefully turn this act into a joyful moment. We’ve forgotten how to make our precious things last, the co-founders state, adding,

— Later this year, we will host a series of Care Bars events where people can come and learn about how to care for a specific material or object in order to create caring routines. We’re even building a Care Bar ”bibliothèque” on our online shop, where you can go and get information on how to care for specific materials, the right product to use, tips, routines, do’s and don’ts. We say it’s about choosing wisely — and spend more time savoring what you own.

Act of Caring

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