Iran Survey Part 2
”The youth of Iran have educated the world on what bravery, strength and true power is”
We’ve asked 3 leading minds within the Swedish PR, investing and culture industries to shine a light on the situation in Iran. Why has the situation accelerated, how can we support from a distance, and what is the importance of social media?
19 Oct 2022
Susanne Najafi. Photography: Felix Swenson.

”We can’t stay silent while the women and girls in Iran are paying the ultimate price, with their lives”

Susanne Najafi is a Swedish investor and serial entrepreneur with roots in Iran. She has founded more than seven companies and carried out multiple exits. In 2016, Susanne founded the venture capital firm BackingMinds to increase diversity in the European startup scene by investing in the blind spots of Venture Capital.


Negar Naseh.

”I’m spellbound by the courage of the protesters, the fearless young women defying 40 years of legal and social restrictions”

Negar Naseh is an author and a doctor. She recently published her third novel ”En handfull vind” which follows an Iranian family for forty years, from the revolution in 1979 to the present day. It also depicts the early feminist movement which was brutalized and (seemingly) crushed by the Islamic regime once it was in power.


Roshi Hoss.

”We’re very privileged, we can speak up without getting killed, arrested, or tortured, so why the hell wouldn’t we speak up?”

ROSHI HOSS is the co-founder of, together with her sister Sharareh, Stockholm-based PR firm Hoss Agency.