Iran Survey
How the tech and lifestyle industries react to the Iran uprising
We’ve asked 4 leading minds within the Swedish tech and lifestyle industries to shine a light on the situation in Iran. Why has the situation accelerated, how can we support from a distance, and what is the importance of social media?
12 Oct 2022
Mahsa Khoshnood.

”The courageous Gen Z demonstrators are more connected and educated than ever before”

MAHSA KHOSHNOOD is a prominent figure in the music scene, having worked as a DJ for over a decade. She is the CEO of the Swedish label Studio Barnhus and works at Södra Teatern as their nightclub manager and booker. Khoshnood came to Sweden from Iran in 1989.


Susan Stjernberger. Photography:

”Everything else seems trivial — I want to use my platform to amplify voices and get the message out”

SUSAN STJERNBERGER is an active figure in the Stockholm fashion scene. She is part of the advisory board at Stockholm Fashion week and runs the well-known Instagram account @styleinscandinavia.


Atefeh Sebdani.

”Everyone can do something and if only everybody had this mindset we could make a change”

After a long career in the tech industry, ATEFEH SEBDANI has put that on pause and is currently working on her first book. In addition to this, she writes poetry and works with activism.


Milad Abedi.

”The best thing we can do is to stay informed and continue to help amplify the voices being shut down”

MILAD ABEDI is a self-taught photographer working globally with both commercial and editorial clients within the fashion industry. With a background in architecture, he shows a unique point of view in depicting menswear and lifestyle in a relatable manner.