Scandinavian Mind X Initiativ UtÖ
Thank you for tuning in to the Baltic Sea Water Talks
Thank you to all participants, viewers and collaborators for creating two successful days in the Stockholm archipelago.
9 Sep 2021

On Tuesday, September 7, a group of researchers, sustainability experts, public officials, investors and philanthropists disembarked the ferry at Utö in the Stockholm Archipelago to attend the Baltic Sea Water Talks. At the temporary outdoor showroom by Utö Värdshus, international marine biologists and engineers showcased their initiatives and solutions to create a healthier Baltic Sea, with everything from electric water drones, solar-powered water distribution pumps, phosphorus mining, and massive wind-powered cargo ships.

After some networking possibilities over lunch, the attendees were welcomed to a site visit at one of the wetlands run by Initiativ Utö. Business developer and programme director Thomas Hjelm hosted a guided tour for all the visitors, and also harvested potatoes for the guests, fresh from tge vegetable garden that is part of the intricate biological system on site.

Thomas Hjelm during the guided wetland tour.

The following day consisted of talks and panels featuring researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology, public officials, investors and philanthropists on defining the health issues of the Baltic Sea. The stimulating talks touched on how academia and philanthropy come together, farming the sea, the need for impact investment, and many other topics.

All six hours of panel talks, presentations, and discussions are available to view online here.

Konrad Olsson, Scandinavian MIND, David Nilsson, KTH, Robert Cederlund and Thomas Hjelm, Initiativ Utö.
Fredrik Gröndahl, Seafarm, and Zeynep Çetecioğlu Gurol, KTH.
Jonas Nordlander, Investor.
From left to right: Ania Öst, KTH & Gaia Architecture, Nicholas Honeth, Swedish Maritime Robotics
Centre (SMaRC) KTH, Ulysses Dhomé, Maritime Robotics Laboratory KTH.
Emma Englén, Sustainability Manager, Spiltan Fonder.
Emilia Molin, Managing Director, BE WTR, Louise König, Manager Strategic Sustainability,
Ramboll Management Sweden, and Peter Wiven-Nilsson, Race for the Baltic.
Gunaratna Kuttuva Rajarao, Department of Industrial Biotechnology, KTH.
Pontus Braunerhjelm, Professor in Economics, KTH and Blekinge Technical University.
Philip von Segebaden, KTH.