Jacob Felländer on democratising art (part 1)
Season 2, Episode 1.
1 Sep 2021

Season two of the Scandinavian MIND podcast commences with a two-episode long interview with issue 2 cover star and art profile Jacob Felländer. Part one of the interview touches on how to democratise art using Jacob’s new self-invented method, which teaches creativity in schools all over the world. Jacob also breaks down his recently launched project The Great Escape, landing on Mount Everest by helicopter, and his own cryptocurrency called J-Coin.

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In this conversation, Jacob talks about:

Finding out how to make his art reach more people.

Using his new method to teach creativity in schools all over the world.

Getting familiar with AR and VR to add depth to his work.

Landing on Mount Everest by helicopter.

How computer intelligence and AI is just part of evolution.

Being a god and a small spec of dust in an infinite universe.

NFTS and monetizing art as a modern artist.

Having his own currency called J-Coin, controlled by greed and gratitude.