Stockholm Surfboard Club drops capsule with Ben Gorham after surf trip to Alaska
”We wanted to give each garment that communal touch, a belonging,” says Byredo’s founder and creative director.
3 Aug 2021

Stockholm Surfboard Club is a community of creatives that was formed around a common love of surfing. Initially focusing on surfboard shaping and the development of wetsuits, the brand also creates apparel and accessories that mirror the cross-generational surf culture with modern style.

The new Ben Purple capsule is created by Gorham and Manne Glad, creative director of Stockholm Surfboard Club, using the Club’s workshop to bleach, dye, and print a selection of garments, trousers, and towels.

— We wanted to give each garment that communal touch, a belonging. So we had a hands-on approach by utilising the workshop in Stockholm — to scale down and personalise, says Gorham. 

In 2018, the duo and two friends travelled across the globe in hopes of finding waves in Alaska. On the word of an Alaskan boat captain who promised uncharted waves and territories, much like the uncrowded surf scene in the Baltic Sea, the group of friends spent ten days chasing swell by means of boat, helicopter, and bush planes. What resulted was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with purple swell charts and over head waves with one of the most dramatic natural backdrops known to humans. The shared emotion of this trip amongst friends has created a unique bond and Ben Purple represents this very notion. 

— The surf community in Alaska reminded me a lot of the scene in Sweden. The dedication is through the roof even though the conditions are harsh and fickle. I felt an immediate connection, a connection we tried to share through the spirit of this collaboration, says Manne Glad.