”We’re trying to reinvent the classic surf brand in a new shape”
Emanuel Haglund Glad aims to broaden the surf audience with his up and coming label Stockholm Surfboard Club.
24 Aug 2020

While working as a designer at Acne Studios for three years, the Stockholm-based entrepreneur came up with an idea to create something new around surfing culture.

— I’ve always had an interest in building things, and the natural thing was to start making my own surfboards, he tells.

His brand offers a range of essential surf products, such as surfboards, wetsuits and other surf accessories.

— We’re trying to reinvent the classic surf brand in a new shape, and broaden the audience. We want to create a space to let the past, present, and future of surfboard culture, art, and fashion live in symbiosis. Our essential surf products are accompanied by a core wardrobe that reflects the brand DNA, where a majority is made from recycled or organic fabrics, using great European factories.

Tonight, you’re awarded Talent of the Year at NK Galan. How’s the reception been so far, you think?

— It’s been great and shows that we are onto something. We spent a lot of energy on developing our key surf products, wetsuits, and surfboards, which I think is paying off. Coming up next is a new line of clothing, surfboards, and winter wetsuits, plus several really exciting projects, says Haglund Glad.