Public installation in Stockholm envisions a better urban future with interactive soundwalk
Presented through three physical windows — The Walkable City, The Symbiotic City, and The Rewilded City.
20 Oct 2023

Our cities need to change, is the clear message provided by EY Doberman’s lab division SALLY and firm White Arkitekter when presenting Future Window Sthlm. Joining forces with local NGOs, property owners, and retailers, this interactive soundwalk employs music, story, and augmented reality to portray a different, better, and more sustainable future for Stockholm.

— Through speculative design, Future Window allows us to dream of a different future for Stockholm. By merging technology, design, and fiction, we explore a new type of narrative that not only shows what a different city might look like, but also how it might feel to live there, says Tove Blomgren, Creative Director at SALLY.

The installation in the shape of the three mentioned physical windows has been designed in collaboration with the artist Finn Ahlgren from the duo Godspeed. His inspiration comes from his work with unused and discarded materials and this way of finding beauty in things considered to be trash can also serve as a powerful metaphor for the alternative urban future presented in the manifestation. The purpose here is to allow individuals to experience an alternative reality. It’s a city with fewer cars, lower levels of waste, and increased greenery. As the world wrestles with issues of climate change, resource scarcity, and urban congestion, it aims to offer a tangible vision of a preferable future that we can act upon.

— Society at large, not least the construction industry, is faced with the task of achieving more with the earth’s increasingly scarce resources. We need to rethink; to look towards value-creating spaces and develop what we have. With the windows, we want to open up new optimistic visions, inspire creative ideas and discussions and bring new collaborations so that together we can create the future we want to live in, says Elena Kanevsky, architect and partner, White Arkitekter.

The installation is available for viewing until October 28 with all three windows located within walking distance from each other in the Södermalm area in Stockholm.