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New technologies are taking over our public art — and this is only the beginning
The Swedish ”creativity activist” Jacob Felländer hopes to inspire both a new generation of artists and property owners.
4 Oct 2022

In recent years, the artist has gained attention for his experimental photography, using a multiple exposure method of images of big cities and landscapes, shot with analogue camera technology, to explore abstraction. He has also introduced sculpture, drawing, painting, and textiles into his works which he then merges with music, VR, AR, and holograms. Felländer has also created his own metaverse, NowNowNow-Land, where the viewer ’travels’ through the painting. His new exhibition in Slakthusområdet, Stockholm’s meatpacking district and one of the city’s largest urban development areas, carries the same name.

— The art and the fashion come alive through a special app, called The Great Escape, and developed with Warpin Media, Felländer explains. Through that, you can experience AR, VR and multi-exposed photography, where AR and music flow out of the artworks and you can also see an invisible exhibition in the sky. The app is also an invitation to the users to start their own creative journey by using my method. 

NowNowNow-Land in Stockholm.

Will we see more of these ’phygital’ public artworks in the future? And what do you want to see from property owners and other industry players? To dare more?

— I hope we will — it adds both extra layers for and involvement from the visitor. I’ve been doing it for almost ten years now and I hope it will inspire others, says Felländer. He continues:

— When inventing something new, we can not know about it today. So, the challenge is to endure long periods of insecurity and not knowing, to trust the process even if you don’t see results or even know where you are heading. This is not always what a typical five-year plan from a management consultant looks like… Linear thinking and strategy have their place and time but agility and the brave act of letting go are important too. 

— I’m grateful to be an artist in this day and age. Technology is beginning to catch up so I can realize my ideas. Creativity is also more valued than it has been in a long time. Not long ago, we used to throw tomatoes at creatives, but now ’creativity’ as a word is almost as valued as the words ’peace’ or ’children’. I think artists have a responsibility, not only to stay present and focused but also to share our creative methods. We need to raise the creativity level of the next generation so that we can find new solutions to old problems. Artists can really help in this area — I like to think of myself as a creativity activist.

Jacob Felländer.

NowNowNow will also result in an upcoming NFT drop — with extra added features.

— It also includes a Web3 fashion brand, named The NowNowNow Collection. I’m on a quest to merge my art with fashion and a web3 fashion brand is the perfect venue. What happens if you wear a painting? Every item is unique and reflects the owner’s NFT, he says. 

The 250 m2 Augmented Reality artworks will be on display until the beginning of November.