Pioneering technology allowing size adjustments after production is now ready to launch
Founder and CEO Sam Issa: ”Fundamentally we are focused on solving the problem with overproduction of standardised sizes by allowing for fewer variations to work for more people.”
11 Jan 2024

Issa’s startup Nano Textile Solutions has patented the groundbreaking adaptive textile technology through collaboration with Advanced Materials researchers in Sweden.

— It allows for size adjustments after production, opening up possibilities for recurring revenue in a potential circular economy, Issa explains. Our products incorporate multiple sizes within one, enabling personalised sizing according to individual preferences, he explains.

How does the technology work? And how has it developed throughout the years?

— The core consists of two interwoven threads: a memory thread at the nano-level and a conductive heating thread. Alongside support threads, they create a smart, size-adjustable component. Strategically placed within the product, these components can transform from a rigid to an elastic phase when activated, allowing for expansion and contraction to achieve the perfect fit for different individuals.

— Our journey began in 2019 when we achieved proof of concept for the technology, leading to the establishment of Nano Textile Solutions. Since then, we’ve focused on optimising product construction, aligning production with the existing value chain, and developing industrialised production methods. Concurrently, we’ve identified our target markets.

We covered you in 2021 and in 2022, you won Sweden’s leading innovation prize, SKAPA. And now, you’re ready to launch. Tell us more!

— Our partnership with Hööks (Scandinavia’s leading equestrian company, Ed’s note) was sparked by Sweden’s strong riding culture. Initially, we integrated our adaptive technology into existing off-the-shelf boots, replacing the stretch components. After successful rider tests conducted by Hööks themselves, we progressed to the production phase, collaborating with riding boot manufacturers. Hööks will display their first model with our component integrated in February 2024 at the Gothenburg Horse Show.

Sam Issa and the Hööks boots.

You just secured new funding and also plan to enter new fields, such as medical technology.

— Fundamentally we are focused on solving the problem with overproduction of standardised sizes by allowing for fewer variations to work for more people. That means that anything offered in a standardised size is subject to our solution. Our market analysis has revealed several intriguing segments to start with, including and highlighting medtech. This global market encompasses applications like reusable casts, orthopedic footwear, orthoses, prostheses, and more, with a focus on adaptive functionality to meet diverse needs.

Do you have even more partners coming up?

— We’ve received Letters of Intent from approximately 20 brands, including leaders in their respective segments worldwide. As a startup, our strategy is to concentrate on crucial market segments and niches, such as the riding boots vertical within the footwear segment. Success in these areas will facilitate traction, including meeting necessary certifications for market entry. This, in turn, will encourage creative applications of our technology across various sectors.

What’s been the most challenging throughout the years?

— The most significant has been gaining acceptance and understanding from the industry. The industry’s conservatism toward innovations has resulted in lengthy development cycles before market penetration is possible. To overcome this, we’ve adapted creatively across various stages of the value chain to establish new, economically attractive circular business models. Our technology enables post-purchase product recurring revenue, fostering collaboration and incentivising innovative business models within the shared economy framework. This aligns well with our sustainability philosophy, vision, and mission.

And now, what’s next?

— We’re thrilled about our project with a world-leading producer of orthoses in the medtech orthopedic world, Issa shares. Additionally, we’re in discussions with manufacturers of rigid protective apparel, such as motorcycle equipment.