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Unique technology enables resizing in garments with a single push of a button
”We combine a smart polymer thread with a memory effect function, and a conductive thread,” Nano Textile’s founder Sam Issa explains.
7 Oct 2021

After graduating from leading design school Istituto Europeo Di Design in Milan, Sam Issa approached PhD researchers in advanced material and nanotechnology at Linköping University. His aim was to create solutions that can help the textile industry solve sustainability issues through technology and innovation. Together, they’ve developed a patent-pending technology solution called smart-patch system, which enables resizing in garments with a single push of a button. 

— We combine a smart polymer thread with a memory effect function, and a conductive thread, Issa explains. The patch component could be created in many different possible shapes and is integrated into the garment to achieve a ”few sizes fit all” solution. For example, one size could cover from the smallest to the middle sizes and another from the middle sizes to the largest. 

When the smart-patch system is integrated in, for instance, a jacket, vest, or trousers, the technology enables size adjustment of the length and the width. The technology is always hidden as a mid-layer between outer and inner materials and is never visible for the wearer. 

— We leave seam edges that any cut and sew manufacturer could integrate easily with traditional sewing machines. To clarify, it is not a stretch material, and the patch component keeps the new size and does not change it until the next intentional resizing. The process is fully reversible multiple times, at least more than 100, and the patch is washable, also at 60 degrees, Issa says. 

His company, Nano Textile, has received positive feedback on a pilot project together with a workwear company and is currently in dialogue with brands from different segments, such as outdoor and extreme sports, fashion, and couture. The aim is to launch a product on the market within two years.

A prototype of Nano Textile’s technology attached on riding boots

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