Narcyss launches skincare ”regime” focusing on modern wellness and healthy ageing
Combining natural ingredients and science in a range targeting a consumer living fast and constantly on the go.
16 Aug 2022

Living a balanced life today is hard, Stockholmer Gustaf Törling states. 

— You’re constantly told what to do, how to do it, and when. 

A few months ago, he founded Narcyss together with his brother Oscar Knaust after working as a creative director within the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years, in NYC, Milan, London, Zurich, and Stockholm.

— We believe it’s okay to enjoy a Negroni or two at dinner and to do yoga in the morning, it’s okay to get high and go running when you come down, and it’s okay to do what you can to age in a healthy way — not in an ’anti’ way. Narcyss is about positive living using a healthy mindset and healthy products — Healthy Ageing is a major part of what we believe in.


And what do you offer?

— Hardworking skincare essentials for modern wellness and life, formulating clinically-proven, high-performance skincare and wellness products. We’re committed to providing a meticulous and comprehensive collection of skincare offerings with high efficacy derived from essential nutrients, plant-based ingredients, and neoteric science free from silicones and sulfates. Oscar and I were lacking a skincare brand that spoke to us and at the same time delivered results using natural ingredients and scientific methods. The competition was neither inspiring nor good for you, so yes, we feel that a new skincare brand was needed, Törling explains, continuing,

— Regime no1 consists of 5 products — a cleanser, a serum, a moisturiser, an eye cream, and a night mask. All products are formulated from scratch with the finest natural ingredients and modern science available in our boutique lab in Paris and manufactured in Lille. We use a small-batch production method to ensure a high level of quality and detail. Each hardworking formula powers the skin’s essential functions to transform its health and vitality. We also created an amazing scent with one of the most prestigious fragrance houses in the world.

When you say a ’regime’ as your kind of skincare routine, can you describe it?

— When working on our range of products we always start with ourselves, believing that our clientele have the same needs; living fast and constantly on the go. We created a regime that delivers on both simplicity and performance as we believe consistency and a routine that is easy to use is the secret to a good complexion. Targeting the effects of global travel, pollution, and fatigue, we put lifestyle and skin health hand in hand to make every person feel great in their own skin.

And you also mentioned including science in the range. How?

— We’re employing a blend of adaptogens as active ingredients and have created a comprehensive skincare regime that focuses on protecting and repairing the skin. We’re using a unique blend of Ashwaganhda, Reishi Mushroom, and other adaptogens together with scientific ingredients such as Tri-Hyaluronic Acid and Niaciminide to deliver skincare essentials that integrate seamlessly into a daily self-care regimen, providing a sensory experience, a sense of luxury, and, last but not least, simply works.

Only a few months after launch, Narcyss have already signed deals with several of the world’s most prestigious retailers.

— Our partners believe in The Narcyss philosophy of ’a life well lived’ where modern wellness and healthy ageing is a welcomed perspective in the beauty industry. Our ethos combined with extremely powerful products that happens to give a high end sensory experience creates a unique brand experience.  Also, skincare is just the beginning for Narcyss. We are launching several skincare products in the next 12 months, and next up is supplements which we’re very excited about. We plan to widen our offering with product lines that go with the brand’s heart and soul, and with what we both believe is needed to live an inspired life.