Swedish entrepreneur on why it’s about time to take better care of your lips
After almost 20 years in the makeup industry, William Värnild knows how much of a jungle it can be. With his new brand, he wants it to be more including — thanks to a special kit.
4 Jul 2022

Värnild runs his own PR firm in Stockholm together with a partner. He also works as a makeup artist and created the wedding look for Princess Sofia of Sweden in 2015.

— I hear so many unanswered questions, he says — mainly from women who got lost in the makeup jungle. I am passionate about beauty routines and makeup and I love to share my knowledge, especially, with women with mature skin.

You just launched your own brand, I Will. Tell us more.

— The makeup industry needs more warmth. I wanted to channel that feeling into a brand and at the same time focus on, and empower, women with mature skin. Today, we are flooded with pictures of young girls covered in a lot of makeup. My friends and customers can not relate to that image. I wanted to create a brand that is more inclusive and makes women feel like the most natural and best version of themselves, Värneld explains, continuing:

— I have always advocated that healthy lips take you far, and I wanted to create a product that lived up to this. Magic Lip Care Kit is the result. Always start by peeling your lips. It is a concept that not many people are familiar with. When you do it, you remove dead skin cells and rebuild your lips. In my three-stage treatment, I have been careful to find a peel that does not scratch and damage. Take the time to peel properly, preferably also outside the lip where cracks can occur. This routine activates cell renewal and it gives the lips a prerequisite for absorbing balm and other moisturizing ingredients, which my lip product offers. The conditioner works in depth while the transparent formula in my lip trio works like a lip balm without the negative effect of drying out. You get kiss-friendly lips that brighten up your smile.

Why a lip product?

— Healthy and moisturized lips give a prosperous overall impression. For instance, men mostly use Vaseline-based products that dry out. Such products are available for purchase at the local supermarket, which only gives a short-term result. Surely it is equally important for men and women to have healthy, kiss-friendly lips? I have received unexpectedly, happy calls from men after my first product release, which feels absolutely fantastic. One of the most common questions I get as a makeup artist is how to get rid of dry lips. With healthy lips, your lipstick or lip gloss stays put the whole day. My product is packed with natural ingredients that many of my customers even use on their children who suffer from dry lips.

William Värnild.

What else do you have coming?

— My makeup philosophy is that it should be simple and fun. With healthy lips, nicely shaped eyebrows, and a complexion with radiance, you will go a long way! My next release focuses on the eyebrows. With the right application and product you get a result that frames the face in a nice way and at the same time gives a lift, says Värnild. He adds:

— My products should complement your existing makeup bag and routine. We’ve seen the trend to cover up with a lot of foundation and countoring of cheekbones. My experience is that this often gives an unclean look. We’re not supposed to put on make-up for Instagram, are we? I mean, you should rather enhance your look with simple steps to bring forth the best version of yourself. When you get older, as many of my clients are, the fine lines also start to show. I do not think you should care about that either — makeup should make you feel good! Which is why you should invest in giving the skin radiance instead.