Revieve uses AI and AR to give customers in-depth skin analysis — even from mobile-quality selfies
The patented and automated system is trained using an extensive data set of images to uncover and measure sub-metrics and main metrics such as redness, acne, texture, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation.
1 Jul 2022

With HQs in Helsinki, Chicago, and Valencia, Revieve is Finland’s only beauty-tech company with customers such as Shiseido, Unilever, Babor, and No7, in 25 countries spread across five continents and working at the intersection of beauty, commerce, and — the ever-evolving — consumer behaviour.

— We’re helping beauty brands and retailers provide their customers with a personalized brand experience across any touchpoint using technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, says Kim Oguilve, communications lead. Our company has gained a leadership spot in the beauty technology realm by developing proprietary technology called Mobile Skin Diagnostics, a core component in our Digital Health-Beauty-Wellness Platform. As of today, our AI/AR-powered platform encompasses all layers of the health, beauty, and wellness industry. Our productized modules include AI Skincare Advisor, AI Suncare Advisor, AI Nutrition Advisor, and more, and all our modules are self-diagnostic and personalize search and product discovery. Our platform also seamlessly integrates relational shopping solutions and in-person and live-video consultations with health and beauty advisors.

How did you come up with the technology? And how does it work?

— It was born out of our CEO and founder Sampo Parkkinen’s frustration of simply not knowing what skincare products to buy, given that the options are endless. Typical options are visiting a dermatologist for particular concerns or relying on in-store beauty advisors in department stores. But because of his retail background and being a serial entrepreneur, he asked himself a very relevant question in 2015-2016: If most people today rely on the in-store beauty advisor to buy beauty, how will brands and retailers sell these products across digital channels in the future?

— So, he founded Revieve in 2016, to deliver completely new digital experiences for beauty shoppers across any of the channels they engage with a brand. Today, most of the AI/AR-powered personalized digital skincare experiences in the market are delivered by Revieve or running on our Mobile Skin Diagnostics core technology, serving millions of shoppers monthly, says Oguilve. She continues:

— Our patented Mobile Skin Diagnostics is an automated computer-vision system trained using an extensive data set of images to uncover and measure more than 100 sub-metrics and around 20 main metrics such as redness, acne, texture, pore dilation, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, radiance, hyperpigmentation, and others. The technology focuses on giving an in-depth analysis of mobile-quality selfies, delivering accurate skin analysis results with non-perfect quality images. In addition, our computer-vision solution is trained to provide real-time feedback to customers about the quality considerations present in their selfies. For example, it tells in real-time information about inadequate lighting conditions, the presence of eyeglasses, incorrect positioning of your face, and more, to make sure we get the best possible selfie. Our core technology has also undergone extensive testing and has been independently evaluated by multiple global partners in terms of accuracy and repeatability with excellent scores compared to leading in-dermatologist office skin analysis solutions such as the VISIA Complexion Analysis system or the in-house rankings of individual dermatologists. 


Revieve just launched a partnership with leading Nordic beauty retailer KICKS.

— It’s always been a player at the forefront of digital transformation in the Nordics and partnering with a beauty tech company with digital products across all beauty verticals is essential for a company offering all categories because it’s easier to scale and innovate for KICKS. Initially, we have deployed the first AI Skincare Advisor and AI MakupAdvisor Experience in the Nordics together, which will help to educate and support consumers in discovering makeup and skincare products, routines, and treatments tailored to their concerns and needs. Called KICKS Skin Analytics, it consists of three easy steps. First, users take a selfie and answer a few questions about their skin type and any personal skin concerns they would like to improve. The user is then provided with an in-depth analysis of their selfie and offered personalized product recommendations from KICKS’ product selection and their unique attributes suited to specific skin concerns and types. Our partnership is also developing to go beyond skincare and we hope to launch a holistic product discovery and sampling experience powered by our skin diagnostics, AR- virtual try-on, and AI-powered product recommendations this year. 

The partnership with KICKS first launched in Sweden — next up are Norway and Finland.

Co-developed with Living Proof, Revieve has also launched the first AI Haircare Advisor on the market.

— It analyzes your hair online and recommends a hair routine that works. As a digitally native brand, bringing the in-store advisory experience online was extremely important for Living Proof. We launched just a month ago and the results have been fantastic for the brand. Moreover, the core technology that is powering our online hair analysis built on computer vision, deep and machine learning is patent pending. Just the other week, we also launched a unique project with DUOLAB — an innovative start-up brand developed by the L’OCCITANE Group, harnessing the power of AI in DUOLAB’s countertop device, which acts as an at-home skincare lab where you can customize your skincare formulas. We partnered with the team to add an AI-powered personalized and online skin analysis as step one to help consumers find the correct product formulations for their needs with just a selfie. To me, this is a great example of how customization and personalization in beauty work in sync for an improved customer experience, says Oguilve. She adds:

— As a company, we also engage in dialogue with our clients and other service providers to help define the future of the Metaverse as we see our technology as a core to that. I’d love to see the Nordic beauty tech folks coming together. The level of innovation happening in the Nordics in beauty is spanning so many different areas already: packaging, sustainable ingredients, personalization and customization, and ingredient transparency innovation. I hope that the Nordics will take a leading spot globally!