Lunette and Peak Performance present outdoor menstrual cup for female adventurers
Provided for multi-day adventures on the mountain.
8 Mar 2022

Aiming to raise the taboo topic of periods, sportswear company Peak Performance and intimate wellness brand Lunette are joining forces on a menstrual cup case for safer periods in the wild. Together, they’re launching a sanitiser case for menstrual cups to bring on hikes and outdoor adventures.

Shaped from durable and airtight stainless steel, the cup is disinfected properly by removing the lid and the pint ring, then putting the cup case on a fire to boil. Through a clip-on feature, it’s easy to attach to the rest of the gear for longer adventures. 

— Periods can be limiting in many ways, not least when going on adventures and planning to stay outdoors for a few days, not having access to clean water and toilet facilities. With this product, we want to make it easier. Periods will always be around, but we can at least make sure that women have better options when heading out on adventures, says Sara Molnar, CEO at Peak Performance.

— Lunette has been fighting the stigma around periods for over 15 years so we are excited to see other brands joining us on that mission. We want everyone with periods to live their life to the fullest without limitations, and an important part of that is to explore and have outdoor adventures despite being on your period, Heli Kurjanen, founder of Lunette, comments.