Avalanche rescue equipment company Recco adds reflector to Acne Studios jacket capsule
Using a tool similar to an RFID tag, the partnership merges the worlds of outdoor and fashion.
23 Feb 2022

For almost 40 years, Swedish rescue equipment company Recco has produced search devices for professional rescuers. It allows them to locate a person in distress in the outdoors or buried in an avalanche when equipped with a special rescue reflector.

— Our technology is used by professional rescuers worldwide at 900+ locations. The reflector is a small passive transponder, similar to an RFID tag, that reflects the search signal from our detectors and guides rescuers to your location. It is very easy for the user to be part of this rescue system, as the reflector is quite small and integrated into the equipment, like in a jacket. It cannot be forgotten and as it is passive it is always ’on’, does not require power, and lasts forever, says Manuel Dürmoser, Global Brand & Marketing Manager.

Tell us about your new capsule collection with Acne Studios.

— Being in the winter and outdoor business since 1983, we have built a well-known name in our industry over the years, working with well-established outdoor brands like Patagonia and Arcteryx for a long time. We’re a genuine outdoor brand and providing a purposeful function gave us a solid foundation to bridge outside our usual surroundings and start a partnership with a high-fashion brand like Acne Studios. What was exciting for us to see was that they choose to show our technology to the user, by using reflectors that are visible on the outside of the garment, rather than hiding them between fabrics as some of our technical outdoor brand partners prefer to do. We liked this approach a lot because it makes our technology visible and experienceable to the user, Dürmoser shares, adding,

— This obviously helps us to raise awareness for the technology in a different light and to a new audience and will eventually help us to equip more people with reflectors and enable rescuers to locate and help faster when it is needed the most. We also recently evolved the technology from avalanche rescue to all-year-round search and rescue, which means that we will see more and more outdoor brands becoming part of our community.