Sports brand Röhnisch challenges the dominant image of what a strong female body looks like
After last year’s launch of what’s said to be the world’s first sportswear collection designed specifically for women’s hormonal cycle, the activewear brand’s new initiative addresses another urgent issue.
3 Mar 2022

The women’s sportswear brand’s ”PMS collection” Infinite Flex, creative director Jeanna Giray says, includes a sports bra that can be adjusted for monthly fluctuations in breast size and leggings that can be altered in the right places for a bloated belly during PMS or any other changes over time. 

— The design idea might sound simple, but the insights behind it go deep. In our research, we found out up to 90% of all women of fertile age, experience physical or mental effects during the monthly cycle, such as swelling, sore breasts, and a bloated belly. Studies show among the most common remedies to ease the symptoms is to stay active. Yet, no activewear had so far been developed with these physical changes in mind. Instead, women were buying multiple sizes or simply skipping to work out. The launch of Infinite Flex was our answer to this — and the reception has been amazing so far!

More than 75 years since the start, Röhnisch is stronger than ever. Reporting a 25% growth for last year, the aim is to triple 2021’s €18.5 million turnover by 2025 in order to become a globally leading sports brand for women. This week, they’re launching a new campaign called My Shape.

— After the success of the PMS collection, we wanted to continue to develop and design women-specific sportswear innovations, Giray explains. This campaign challenges the dominant image of a strong female body that characterizes the fashion industry in general and the sports industry in particular. Women are constantly fed with images of how strong, healthy, and active bodies should look. We meet active women every day, all with unique conditions and strengths. We see it as our responsibility to change the perception of what a strong body looks like. In short, our ambition is for the campaign to reflect reality. My Shape is therefore fronted by women who all are physical examples of strength being expressed in different ways, through different shapes and different sizes, from professional athletes to newly become mothers.

After this, what else will we see from you?

— We think the golf segment is particularly interesting right now. We have seen a big interest, both from new age groups, a new less traditional look, and an increased interest in sustainable options. Golf is moving towards becoming a more inclusive and available sport, something that we aspire to be a part of.