Luca Nichetto unveils book sharing thoughts on the boundaries of sustainability
The limited-edition publication marks the Italian’s release of new Phoenix table for Offecct — that keeps rising from its own ashes.
6 Aug 2021

The Stockholm-based renowned multidisciplinary designer — and former basketball player — has run his own studio since 2006. The Phoenix table, he describes, is a continuation of the successful collaboration — where the Phoenix chair received the Form Awards for the Sustainability Project of the Year in 2017 — with Swedish design company Offecct.

— As a designer, I want to drive and push development through the products I create and together with my clients point to alternative construction, production, and material solutions. Offecct has a holistic view of sustainable design that I share and by acting together we can create real change. Just like our chair from the same family, the table is designed with parts that can be easily replaced when needed, to ensure a long and sustainable life cycle. This perpetual cycle inspired the name for Phoenix — the mythological bird that keeps rising from its own ashes.

Alongside the table launch, Offecct has published a book on Luca Nichetto, the second in a series offering deep insight into the brand’s long history of collaborating with world leading designers, telling the story of the ideas, design, and craftsmanship behind their products. In the book, Offecct teams up with a number of well-known creators, including photographer Björn Ceder, artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, and design writer Yoko Choy, China editor of the magazine Wallpaper.

— In the book, Daan Roosegaarde and I share our thoughts on the boundaries of sustainability, in both design and art, that are shaping the future of creativity, and how art and design can move forward in the same direction. The more restrictions you have, the more creative you have to be. Sustainability is one of these ”restrictions” that leads us to discover things that we have never considered before. Readers can also find out about my first contact with Offecct in 2007, and how my studio and I adopted Scandinavian sustainability thinking into our native Italian design language, Nichetto tells, adding,

— You can also head over to my freshly re-designed website, and listen to Opinionated; my first monthly 30-minutes podcast series. It’s hosted by me, in dialogue with different figures from the creative field. The first episode features Daan Roosegaarde — the conversation which is also included in my book with Offecct. 

Next out for Nichetto is Empathic, an exhibition on the creativity, experimentation, and design of Murano glass, that will open
on September 11 at In Galleria at Punta Conterie on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy.

— As the show’s curator, I’ve called on a diverse group of eight international designers to reimagine and design with various techniques of Murano traditional glassmaking. I’m also restructuring a pink villa in Stockholm to turn it into my new studio, complete with a live workspace — a space for living, in which people can stay for a few days, complete with bedroom, bathroom, and cooking facilities, he concludes.