BAUX and Form Us With Love launch acoustic panel entirely made of textile offcuts
”Alongside high sustainability ambitions, the range places great emphasis on function,” tells John Löfgren, co-founder and creative director, Form us with love, on the new fully circular drop.
6 Aug 2021

This summer’s launch of BAUX Acoustic Felt was made possible thanks to Ludvig Svensson, a Swedish manufacturer of textiles since 1897, and The Loop Factory, that’s developed a special method to sort out and pre-treat their offcuts.

Form us with love’s Löfgren and Fredrik Franzon, co-founder and head of product at BAUX, share what the latter describes as a profound interest in sustainability and innovations. Hence it’s no wonder that the latest in a series of launches from the two players even further raises the bar for the industry, combining circularity and functionality.

— It’s flexible and easy to handle, tells Löfgren — each modular component has been designed as part of an efficient system that can be quickly scaled up or down. Everything connects together with a minimal number of hardware pieces that have been standardised to ensure effortless setup and less waste in production. We see this as just a first launch to introduce the material to the market with never-ending opportunities.

What was the most challenging when creating a zero-waste panel?

— Many felt screens on the market today consist of several different materials that are mixed, it could be wood frames, metal pieces, and glue. Mixing different materials makes it more difficult to manage the end-of-life process and recycle the material. We wanted to create one panel that consists of one material and this was challenging both in terms of how the product was designed but also produced, says Franzon.

In what environment does it suit the best?

— It focuses on solving sound and screening issues that any sized office needs to address today and tomorrow. The issues with sound, dividing, and screening are definitely a topic in any public environment in a post-Covid society. As I mentioned, the obstacles that a modern office meets today and tomorrow is on our radar, so if we can’t offer it today we will, in the near future. And, just as with all BAUX collections, when you invest in this system, you can be sure it’s going to last. We’re making it easy to update, replace, and extend all the components so the system keeps up with your needs over a vast period of time, tells Löfgren.

What’s the next step for you?

— Our ambitions don’t stop here — our long-term goal is to make all of our acoustic systems 100% circular, and we plan to share our learnings along the way. This is a journey that needs to be pushed by everybody involved — users, buyers, creators, and the industrial sector. Instead of chasing short-term business goals, we need to learn from each other and push things forward for the greater good. Furthermore, in the autumn of 2021, we will present a huge project within sustainability on our website that we are immensely proud of, Franzon concludes.