License to thrill — CAKE launches bike that does not require any driver’s license
CAKE’s goal of ”cleaning out cars from the urban space” is further pursued with the Åik e-bike, which can access bike lanes and paths that are off-limits to motorcycles and cars.
11 Jan 2023

Among many exciting new e-mobility launches at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CAKE used its booth to unveil the Åik e-bike. Until now, the Swedish premium bike manufacturer only offered various motorcycles and mopeds, all tied to some kind of driver’s license before anyone can hit the road.

— The CAKE product line is now somewhat complete, covering various user needs and various motorcycle classes. Especially for commercial use, speaking about urban transportation and last-mile delivery, the larger number of riders potentially using the bike, together with the ability to use the bus or cycle lanes, makes sense within this space, says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO of CAKE.

The Åik is the latest addition to CAKE’s :work series, in which bikes are optimized for couriers, service workers, craftsmen and other professionals that want their product or service to arrive while cutting CO2 emissions. The e-bike is designed to load up to 200 kg of cargo thanks to the modular aluminium frame that can fit various racks, bags, trailers, baskets, passenger seats, and more to suit the job at hand.

The 35-kilogram bike comes with a 750 Wh battery with a range of roughly 120 kilometres, but users can connect up to two further batteries to extend the range. The added batteries can also power electronic devices such as temperature-controlled food boxes, electronic tools, and equipment.

— The intention of the Åik and other bikes in our :work series is to serve professional users with a clean tool to improve their transportation needs and to carry goods with the highest level of efficiency, reach and needed power, to facilitate their daily challenges, Ytterborn says, adding:

— We’re cleaning out cars from the urban space.