3 industry profiles share their prognosis for the mobility industry in 2023
Roll on 2023! We ask leading industry experts from the Nordics mobility industry about trends reshaping infrastructure and electrification.
4 Jan 2023

Robert Falck is the founder and CEO of Swedish freight mobility technology company Einride, that are working to electrify freight and are world-leading in driverless and autonomous transport vehicles. Jonas Nyvang, CEO and co-founder of Swedish electric motorbike company STILRIDE, is developing the proprietary technology of curving and folding metal, saving both time and carbon footprint. Lastly, Michael Lillelund, head of brand at Copenhagen-based MATE, speaks on the potential of e-bikes.

Michael Lillelund.

How has your 2022 been?

Robert Falck, Einride: 2022 has been a very interesting year that brought with it a range of unique and tough challenges, and I am very proud of our team and their hard work to make this year the accomplishment that it was. One milestone that was extra special was when we received the approval to be the first company in the US to operate an autonomous electric truck without a safety driver on board, on a public road. In addition, we’ve expanded into five new markets, deployed fleets for customers in multiple markets, and just secured a new round of financing. Given the economic situation, building
a company in this environment has indeed been a challenge. But despite this, sustainability will not and should not decrease in importance, which is something we are committed to every single day.

Jonas Nyvang, STILRIDE: 2022 has been an upside-down year. On the one hand, we are super happy that we secured funding and have such strong community and investor support for our ambition for a zero-emission future.  We have also developed strategic partnerships with ABB and Polestar for our technology division, STILFOLD.  On the other hand, we have had external challenges with speed to market. All in all, we have gained a lot of ground and are getting ready to launch 2023!

Proptery of Waghorn Media

Michael Lillelund, MATE: 2022 has been adventurous both work-wise and personally. We launched the MATE SUV and won the German Design Award for it! It has been a year full of learnings and opportunities such as going to Pitti Uomo, CIFF, Paris Fashion week to present CR x MATE. We also launched Palm Angels x MATE in gold at Maxfield LA, which is also an exceptional milestone for a small Danish business like us.

Personally, the past year has been one of the most unique experiences as we navigated the pandemic and established a new way of life which is different yet not the same.

What are your anticipations for 2023?

Robert Falck, Einride: At Einride, we’re just getting started. Our growth in the last 12 months has set us up in a strong position to take our efforts to new customers and use cases in the next 12 months. There will be many topics and trends that we will not only have to adapt to but can also help to drive. Here are two that are on my radar.

1. We will continue to push for an end to all fossil fuel subsidies, and we hope that the industry will go with us. Because, for the world to turn its undivided attention to scaling sustainable solutions and add momentum to the shift already in place in the market, it needs to stop supporting legacy systems once and for all.

2. The globe is finally making an effort to switch from traditional energy sources to more environmentally friendly ones. Given the adverse effects of primarily relying on only conventional sources played a significant role in today’s energy crisis in Europe, it is more important than ever to double down on introducing alternatives. We believe that the best cost-competitive approach is by going electric. As a result, we are continuing our mission, one that we’ve had since we started in 2016, to drive the switch to electric and sustainable energy with customers around the globe.

Robert Falck.

”I would like to see more companies push new industrial technology to reimagine how we make things without impacting the environment.”

Jonas Nyvang, STILRIDE: I anticipate that 2023 will be a year of blood, sweat and tears. We have to keep focused and continue delivering value to our customers and investors alike and hold true to our promise of pioneering sustainable performance, and outstanding quality products. I would like to see more companies, especially in the mobility space, push new industrial technology to reimagine how we make things without impacting the environment. 

Michael Lillelund, MATE: 2023 will be an interesting year as we’ve been working on ambitious plans. We are stoked to take the MATE SUV on a roadshow across regions in Europe and show how stylish replacing a car can be. I’d like to see more and more people out of Scandinavia adopt e-biking and take this important step towards good health and sustainability.

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