”I wanna be a woman and an artist that I would have needed growing up”
Rising pop star Molly Hammar on being a strong voice – in more than one way.
3 May 2021

”A Swedish r’n’b/pop angel.” That’s how Hammar describes herself.

— Yes, I write songs and then I sing them. I grew up in a jazz musician family and which taught me that music means life, it should be playful, easy, and touch you in some way.

And her strong voice clearly has. Both when she sings and when she speaks out, standing up against social problems and injustices, on her social platforms.

— I’ve always felt the need to speak up about things I feel are important. Growing up, that need only got bigger and I think I just wanna be a woman and an artist that I would’ve liked to see, and needed, growing up.

The last few years have seen her following grow, in the Nordic markets as well as in the UK. She was also awarded Breakthrough of the Year at last year’s edition of the iconic Swedish music prize Rockbjörnen. And, she just released the new EP God Is Lonely Too

— I feel relieved now that it’s out cause it’s something we’ve been working on for a while now. It was ready for the world to hear. Since I chose to call it God Is Lonely Too, the main theme is definitely loneliness and just accepting that feeling, says Hammar, continuing,

— I’m not even close to where I’m gonna be in a couple of years but it has been an amazing ride so far. I think everything just prepares me for what’s to come.

— I’m always writing new music. The next thing you’re gonna hear from me is gonna be the best I’ve ever done, I love to always do better than what I’ve done.

To experience Molly’s voice live, here’s a clip from Tommy Hilfiger’s Stockholm flagship, where she performed live last week, for the launch of the brand’s Pastel Capsule.