Young super duo on how to champion a new era of digital culture
Creed Media Group’s co-CEO and co-founder Timothy Collins on going from a two-person-operation to the Forbes 30 under 30 list — in less than two years.
9 Apr 2021

Collins (now 25) tells how he and his co-CEO and co-founder Hugo LePrince (now 22) founded media and marketing company Creed Media Group at the end of 2018 with the vision of creating a global music marketing powerhouse specialized on Generation-Z.

— We champion a new era of digital culture, where collaborations between brands and creators have transformational effects rippling through youth culture, he says. The group holds a portfolio of companies with transformational industry-shaping capabilities in amplifying and scaling brands across social media, harnessing the power of the next generation.

— In less than two years, we have grown from a two-person-operation based out of Stockholm, into a +35 people team with a global footprint, employees in Sweden, UK, and US, as well as becoming recognized as global leaders within our field.

How can you help companies to reach the Tiktok generation and Gen-Z?

— The meteoric rise of the content creation platforms, driven by a generation that defines themselves as creators, or influencers, will propel a shift in the relationship between audiences and brands. Over the coming decade, influencer marketing will be crucial for brands to master, as digital natives are looking to connect to creators that are aligning with their personal beliefs and provide relevant, meaningful and value-driven content, Collins shares, continuing,

— So far, we’ve been involved in more than 1,500 marketing campaigns, launching several of the biggest music trends within Gen-Z culture, on TikTok. Successful music campaigns include Trevor Daniels’ ”Falling”, S1mba’s ”Rover”, Topic’s ”Breaking Me”, Surf Mesa’s ”ILY”, Sam Fischer’s ”This City”, Powfu’s ”Death bed”, and Ashnikko’s ”Stupid”. We’ve delivered more than 3.5 billion paid views through the campaigns that we’ve performed in 2020, as well as having generated more than 200 billion accumulated views across the content having been created in connection with the campaigns.

By the end of 2020, the revenue had grown with almost 500% into approximately 6 mUSD, making Creed Media one of the quickest growing agencies in the world — all without any external funding. And yesterday, Collins and LePrince made it to Forbes’ annual 30 under 30 list.

What’s next for you?

— We will continue to scale the company with talent who share our values in shaping the new era of digital communications. This is our focus for now. We look forward to working with many more established and recognized brands on a global scale as well as helping emerging artists to break through the noise, Collins concludes.