Hem uses Hydro Restore for shelf made of recycled consumer scrap designed by Formafantasma
This Scandinavian partnership showcases new manufacturing techniques for complex and innovative shelving system.
6 May 2022

Swedish Hem first discovered Formafantasma’s work in 2010 and continued to follow the Milan-based designers — in admiration.

— It was clear from the start that they had a certain sensibility and deep understanding and appreciation of both materials and culture, says founder Petrus Palmér.

In 2017, he approached the studio about a collaboration and after five years of product development, new shelving system T Shelf is here.

— The open brief that Petrus and the team offered allowed us to really push creative boundaries. The production was challenging, but patience with the long process of prototyping and testing resulted in a final product which looks minimal and elegant but is really a masterpiece of design and manufacturing, Formafantasma explains.

Using an extruded aluminium composition, traditionally used in industrial manufacturing processes, Hem describes T Shelf as a highly complex innovation that starts with a, seemingly, simple T profile, which allows long unsupported spans and an elegant yet sturdy construction. It can be arranged in various modules that connect, allowing the configuration to extend.

— Working with aluminium, Formafantasma continues, was something we really wanted to do, it’s important to us that our work is not wasteful. Extrusion creates minimal waste and aluminium is easily recyclable.

For the complex production, manufacturing partner and leading Norwegian aluminium company Hydro used new techniques — and innovation. T Shelf is made from Hydro RESTORE, a combination of recycled pre-and-post consumer scrap, and primary aluminium.