Studio RAY Atelier presents hand-painted marbled version of Axel Wannberg’s ”floating” bed
”Our love for craft and concept led to making something fake into something valuable,” the creative studio explains.
4 Apr 2022

Stockholm-based cabinetmaker Axel Wannberg designs and produces his own furniture, for his own collection as well as bespoke work for clients such as Eytys and Tekla. A few years ago, he designed The Floating Bed for Tekla.

— It came to life when Tekla approached me, asking me to design and make a bed for a photoshoot. After that first prototype, people started to ask if they could buy it, so I decided to produce it in my workshop.

He now joins forces with Ray Atelier, a creative studio founded by Kia Lublin, Saba Gedda, and Cora Hamilton specializing in creative direction and production for commercial spaces. Together, they present The Marbeled Bed, a limited edition of The Floating Bed. Each bed is unique and has been hand-painted with a brush — a process that takes about 15 hours, using a scraper to get the pattern and shape in the same way as with a painting. 

— Seeing Ray’s marbled pieces made me realize this could be a great way to combine our skills. So I contacted them and the collaboration started, says Wannberg. 

— We have admired Axel’s work from a distance for a long time and were so thrilled when the opportunity for a collab turned up. We decided to merge our two worlds in concept, production, and product where our love for craft and concept led to making something fake into something valuable. It’s a play with opposites — light and heavy, fake and real, and soft and hard, Lublin, Gedda, and Hamilton explain.

The Marbeled Bed is available in an edition of 10-15 in Wannberg’s new webshop.