Blank Atelier launches slow, timeless tailoring line made to last
Two decades in the fashion industry made Fredrik Blank and Åsa Göransson dream of a better, less wasteful way forward.
22 Feb 2021

The duo founded BLANK ATELIER in 2000, Göransson tells, and has worked for different national and international clients besides making their own line. Blank was put on ice in 2010 to reemerge now, in 2021.

— Our way of working is slow, timeless, and made to last. I wouldn’t say there is a ”first drop” and that’s the backbone of our range. Instead, it will develop slowly over time with additions of pieces and colors. The label was created with little means and lots of love and is supposed to grow organically. This means you might not fall off your pony with new trends presented every second month, but with a limited selection of pieces, which, thanks to their minimalist aesthetics and functional durability, presents the client with a timeless uniform that’s made to last, says Fredrik Blank.

How have you worked with the fabrics?

— Our range of suiting are all made of the same fabric, a 100% virgin-wool, fine and lightweight 3-ply tonic of finest Italian historical weave which makes the garment a little sturdier.

— The fabric performance is excellent, and it’s made with all wool standards of today, such as OEKO-TEX, ZDHC, and RIA. The inside of the blazers is made with 3-layer canvas and the linings are a sustainable twill viscose and cotton lining. Corozo buttons through the whole range.

How will you proceed now?

— Except for launching the brand and our webshop, one thing is certain — everything we do need to be well-considered and have a reason to be, says Göransson.

Åsa Göransson and Fredrik Blank. Photography: Tobias Regell