Acclaimed architect David Thulstrup launches Transition collection with new brand Artikel
Rooted in the need to constantly switch between formal and informal settings, the collab collection orchestrates new norms when it comes to work attire.
18 Nov 2020

The Copenhagen-based clothing company describes how it uses conscious production to create clothing with relevance while keeping a critical awareness of waste and modern consumption. Their store, design studio, and production are located in the same building, and keeping all processes local helps to minimize the environmental footprint. Each item is handmade in Copenhagen — just a couple of meters from where it is sold. That includes the Transition collection, created together with David Thulstrup.

The award-winning architect and designer is the founder and creative director of Studio David Thulstrup. His extensive portfolio worldwide ranging from residential architecture to restaurants, retail, hotels, furniture, and lighting, including the interior of Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

The collection takes point of departure in the traditional worker’s jacket and features four minimalist adaptations that vary in length, colour, and material.

— For me, the boundaries between work and free-time are blurred. In reality, there is no clear cut between the two, as I constantly find myself moving in and out of different settings during the course of a day. Meetings are followed by casual dinner parties — but since it is not in my nature to wear a suit or blazer, I was lacking an alternative and versatile uniform that always makes me feel dressed appropriately, explains David Thulstrup.

— The fabric used for the collection is elegant yet carefully chosen for the wear and tear of everyday scenarios. By using hard-wearing textiles like Forest Nap from Kvadrat and Scottish oilskin from Helley Stevensons, we strive to create jackets that age well and patinate beautifully with time, adds Artikel.