An act of beauty
For new brand BeautyAct, the act is the new routine — and the toner is the new big thing.
27 Oct 2020

Leading Scandinavian retailer Kicks’ new in-house brand offers a wide assortment of vegan, fragrance-free, and dermatologically tested skincare-infused makeup, innovative makeup tools, and high-performing skincare.

— The products are developed for active everyday life, says Jenny Kruseborn, Director Private Label at buying department Axbeautyhouse. No matter what situation you are in, there are products that fit your needs. We call this the new kind of beauty routine — THE ACT. It means that products can be combined for either dry skin — the hydra act — or extra glow — the glow act. But they can also be combined for a specific situation like when you are in the gym and want to stay hydrated, but not shine or clogged pores — the sports act — or when you dance all night you want to sparkle in some places and stay matt in some — the party act. Or, when you are in front of a screen all day and want blue light protection and hydration and then go out for dinner and want some extra glow — the from desk to dinner act.

Which products would you like to point out?

— If we begin with cleansers, our ClearComplexion Cleansing Gel is the perfect cleansing product to use both morning and night and suits all skin types. MicroMelting Cleansing Balm melts away all oil-based impurities, such as sunscreen or heavy makeup, and is great to use as the first step for a double cleanse. For serums, ComplexControl Mattifying Serum is lightweight with active ingredients to balance sebum production while giving skin a matt finish throughout the day or night. 5% Niacinamide Glass Serum is very lightweight and not only evens out skin texture and calms your complexion but also provides a perfect base under makeup with a fresh dewy finish. A lot of men struggle with sensitive or acne-prone skin or enlarged pores. Our 2% BHA + 1% Purifying Toner is easy to use to cleanse pores and reduce sebum production. Lastly, the Hyaluronic + EGF + Collagen Charged Ampoule — 7 single-use ampoules are supercharged with a hydrating complex. It can be used when skin needs that little extra moisture boost, or as a 7-day cure.

You’ve identified toners as the next big thing. Why is that?

— There has been a trend and demand for lighter textures during the last few years and also an extended skincare routine so that everyone can find products for their needs. Toners are light in texture, absorbs quickly into the skin, and are easy to add to any routine. So keep your favorite day and night cream, but add a toner morning and evening with Vitamin C or BHA-acid for an added effect. In our assortment we have 5 toners with active ingredients to add to the care-routine, including 7% Niacinamide Re-Texturizing Toner for glass-like complexion and even skin texture, RetinolAction Refining Toner which prevents signs of aging, and Vita-C MultiAction Brightening Toner for extra glow and even skin tone, says Kruseborn.