Airinum and Polygiene’s air mask might be the market’s most durable
The two pioneering Swedish players join forces for the launch of The Lite Air Mask.
23 Feb 2021

Since launched on the Chinese market at the beginning of last year, the Lite Air Mask has received great customer feedback and been a success for Airinum. Founded in 2015 to combat climate change’s impact on human health, the Stockholm-based fast-grower now follows up two limited edition design collaborations (with Swiss fashion brand Bally and Japanese streetwear brand Human Made — both of which sold out within days) with the launch of the new sleek design.

Not only is it sleek, but also treated with Polygiene, a Swedish fabric treatment and world-leading provider of odor control technology that permanently protects the outside skin-fabric from bacteria and other germs.

— Polygiene ViralOff is a wash durable treatment tested on the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 showing a reduction of over 99% of the virus within two hours. This means you don’t have to wash more often due to fear of viruses, tells Nick Brosnan, Global Marketing Coordinator.

Tell us about your Airinum collab. What have you added to their new air mask?

— We are really excited to be partnering with one, if not the leader in high-quality masks on the market. The benefit of having a treatment like this with an Airinum mask is two-fold:

— The user can feel confident that the mask after a day of use will remain fresh and clean of noted viruses. After wearing the mask, it can then be stored or let air dried, and this wearability can continue again, and again, and so on. Additionally, after understanding that you can wear this mask many times over, the user is now also doing something on an environmental level and keeping single-use masks out of the landfills. That, as many of us are aware by seeing all the PPE that is seen littered on our streets and beaches, is a real issue facing us today, says Brosnan.

The Lite Air Mask from Airinum is designed with elastic and breathable materials, the airy, 3D mesh material facilitates breathing, and the elastic earloops provide an adaptive fit around your face. And, obviously, it’s filtering out both pollution and particles — down to the size of 0.3μm.

— We have constantly focused on innovation and research to provide the very best air mask on the market, says Alexander Hjertström, Airinum’s CEO and co-founder. We launched the Lite Air Mask at the beginning of 2020 on the Chinese market to get feedback and data from one of our biggest markets, not knowing how relevant this product development would be. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be a need for our products, but we are proud to be able to provide protection during a time where we are all looking for means to protect ourselves and others.