Bergans and Spinnova awarded for Collection of Tomorrow
Together with Halley Stevensons, the brands win Scandinavian Outdoor Award.
4 Feb 2021

The jury contains the most prestigious outdoor journalists in Europe and due to the fact that the products get tested in practice and outdoor environments, the award has gained high respect and recognition in both industry and outdoor retail. 

Even before it is launched, the naturally waxed anorak developed by Spinnova, Bergans, and Halley Stevensons is proclaimed Overall winner in the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards 2021/22. Both the — fully circular — anorak and the — fully circular — business model it is sold through are honored. The anorak is the newest development in the Bergans Future Labs Collection of Tomorrow. The project explores the possibilities that lie in innovative technology and how it can take us closer to a fully circular consumption of textiles.

The jury’s statement is as follows:

Last winter the jury gave the Sustainability Award to the future.labs 05.A backpack, an urban style backpack made from fully sustainable and circular Spinnova material. With the 05.B Anorak the proof is in the pudding. The material – a mix of Spinnova fibres, lyocell and Organic Cotton – is lovely to touch and the jacket itself looks great. To make the fabric water resistant, it is treated with a traditional Halley Stevensons wax that does not compromise the circularity of the anorak. Re-waxing can be done by the consumer as needed. Bergans has taken the concept of circularity to the next level.

— First, I want to emphasize that this product is not available for purchase as of now. In fact, it has not had its official launch yet due to the Covid pandemic. Without Spinnova and Halley Stevensons, The Collection of Tomorrow and these revolutionary products would not have seen the light of day. This is what the future needs, says Bergans CEO, Jan Tore Jensen.

— We’ve been delighted of the fabric progress we have made together with Bergans and Halley Stevensons, and very proud to soon introduce another beautiful product in The Collection of Tomorrow, comments Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen.

— Halley Stevensons is invested in taking steps to further improve circularity through our products, processes, and partnerships. EverWax is our latest innovation in plant-based wax blend and we were always delighted to collaborate with like-minded brands. This is a winning combination of ideas, materials, and passion, says James Campbell, Managing Director of Halley Stevenson.