Fashion-tech Special
10 Nordic fashion-tech startups innovating the industry
The Nordics are bursting at the seams with innovations that speak to a reinvented fashion industry. From 3D printed shoes to large-scale recycling facilities and initiatives that are turning our great forests into new raw materials.
29 Jun 2022

Spinnova mimics spiders when weaving its groundbreaking textile fibres

Metsä Spring explains how paper-grade pulp can transform the textile industry

Researchers explain how garments might help people with deafblindness communicate

Infinited Fiber Company on how to create a cotton-like fibre from post-consumer textile waste

Renewcell on becoming the first to make textile-to-textile virgin quality recycling work at scale

Recycling company Sysav uses near-infrared light to sort and re-use ”basically any type of fibre”

Swedish startup Streamateria on what makes its radical material ”ultra sustainable”

Entrepreneur Chris Margetts on how to 3D print footwear from textile waste

Vividye’s textile print can be removed without damaging the quality of the fibre

Material innovation Ioncell is the world’s first to create cellulose out of only one chemical

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